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34890820 - Perforator - 2 Hole Punch 820-P 2mm

Perforator voor het perforeren van tot 20 vellen A4 papier. Perforator - 2 Hole Punch 820-P 2mm.

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€ 4,68 excl. VAT
€ 5,66 incl. VAT

34890865 - Perforator - Heavy Duty Punch 865-P

Rapesco Heavy Duty Punch 865-P. Zware en degelijke kantoorperforator tot 65 vellen papier. Met aanleg voor het automatisch perforeren in het midden van het aangelegde document. The 865-P2; a durable, heavy duty 2-hole punch with 63 sheet (80 gsm) capacity. Feature rich, this hole punch benefits from an extended single piece handle for ease of use and maximum leverage, a neat, flip-open confetti tray, an adjustable metal paper guide and a personalisation window on the base. Punching to standard hole spacing,… See more... Extended single piece handle for effortlessly punchiung through a greater number of sheets Neat flip-open confetti tray for easy emptying and handle locking device for tidy storage Adjustable calibrated paper guide for tidy and precise hole positioning W - 116mm x D - 231mm

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In stock

€ 46,07 excl. VAT
€ 55,74 incl. VAT

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